Academy: 6-Month Accelerator

It’s t​​aken a lot of hard work to get where you are. You’ve achieved a level of success in your business that most others can only dream of, but there’s a voice inside you that’s telling you that you’re capable of more …

If only you weren’t pulled in so many directions, needing to pick up dropped balls, spin plates, and make sure that nothing falls through the cracks.

When creating systems isn’t enough – and even hiring amazing team members hasn’t solved the problem – you need a new solution. One that goes beyond the basics, and gives you: 

✅ A PROVEN framework for operations that run WITHOUT YOU

✅ A HIGH-TOUCH model that can serve 2-5X as many clients as you do right now

✅ World-class team members that PROACTIVELY get things done even better than you could have imagined

✅ CONSISTENT, PROFITABLE cashflow without needing to constantly sell more to make ends meet

✅ The kind of CULTURE that makes people feel GOOD about buying from – the kind of business you always wanted to work for

At the Visionary CEO Academy, we’ve spent the last decade supporting online business owners – specifically coaches, agency owners, and professionals – helping them build the business infrastructure, team, and operational structures that get them out of the day-to-day … and back to feeling like running the business is fun again.

Together, we’ll clean up all the gunk that’s crept into your business’ model, operations and team – addressing the systems that keep breaking, the balls that keep getting dropped, and the fires that just don’t ever seem to die. Then, we’ll rebuild it all back in a way that’s flexible and that doesn’t rely on you … so you can finally scale profitably, equitably and sustainably.

* * *


This is a comprehensive, immersive offer for multi-6-figure online business owners, where we act as your strategic advisors for operations, marketing, leadership, culture, and team — while ALSO providing you with 1:1 coaching & mentorship, a small-group mastermind, and a structured framework to follow.

For 6 months, you will be part of our inner circle, working hands-on with our team as you tackle the next stage of your business growth. This includes things like:

  1. Optimizing your delivery operations so that you can add more clients without jeopardizing results OR working harder
  2. Building hiring & staffing plans so your team can implement and manage in your place (without giving up the stuff you LOVE to do!)
  3. Establishing KPIs and metrics that allow your team to build momentum without you needing to constantly drive things forward
  4. Building executive leadership skills including strategic communication, hiring, performance management, equitable compensation, and team member development.

* * *


This is a high-touch experience where we will work with you personally, not just on the theory of “what” to do, but on giving you principles and showing you how to implement them in YOUR business. 

It starts with mapping out a custom plan for your journey, including identifying the specific trainings, exercises and systems you’ll need to implement to un-bottleneck your business once-and-for-all.

From there, our full team will be giving you support and guidance as you execute and implement, including:

  • Quarterly planning events
  • Monthly 1:1 coaching calls
  • Weekly 1:1 office hours support
  • Daily availability to our entire team on Slack for any question you need, whether tactical, strategic or mindset

In addition to our top-notch team of experts, we also have curated a client-base that represents the kind of room you want to be in: progressive business owners ranging from multi-6 to 7+ figures – all of whom are committed to building equitable companies that will be sustainable, profitable and deeply impactful. The conversations we have are thoughtful, intentional, and way beyond the beginner stuff you find most everywhere else.

The investment for the Accelerator is $1500 USD per month for 6 months; this rate is reviewed regularly and is subject to change. You can expect to spend 3-5 hours a week working on the business (with the point being that it will dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend working in the business). Your first payment is due upon enrollment.

Tuition for Academy is $1500/mo USD.

Canadians will be charged GST/HST as applicable.