The Visionary CEO Academy is designed for busy entrepreneurs. The work you’ll be doing isn’t meant to be done “on top of” your day-to-day; instead, it’s a structured way of doing the things you already know need to, in order to scale your business.

Your initial term is 6 months, and you can renew for additional terms beyond that if we all agree it’s a great fit.

Each quarter, you’ll work through a series of trainings and action items designed to upgrade your business’ systems, practices and structures. Along the way, you’ll be supported through one-on-one feedback and private coaching calls.

Meanwhile, regular workshops, masterminds and virtual retreats provide for immersive learning, strengthening relationships with your fellow leaders, and elevating you out of the day-to-day.

Tuition for the Academy is $2500/mo USD.

Canadians will be charged GST/HST as applicable.