COO-To-Hire (Standalone)

In COO-To-Hire, we use our proven Sustainable Scale frameworks to help your COO manage your projects, simplify your processes, and develop your people …

So that you can #BeTheVisionaryCEO: just show up, do your thing, and know that everything else is taken care of.

The journey consists of two phases:

Phase 1: Organize

We begin by getting hands-on with your Operational Leader, immediately freeing up space for you to do your best work — by helping them install clear metrics, set up streamlined communications rhythms, and provide executive-level Operations Leadership.

Phase 2: Optimize & Operate

Once the day-to-day is well in hand, we turn our attention to optimizing your business’ Core Process — the operating system that keeps leads flowing, deals closing, and clients coming back for more. Then, we use this Core Process to restructure your team’s Roles & Responsibilities, allowing them to take more ownership, be more proactive, and do more to grow your business.

Along the way, we’ll continue to mentor your team’s Operational Leader, walking them through everything they need to succeed — and supporting you as you transition fully into your role as Visionary CEO.

The investment for 6 months of COO-To-Hire is:

  • 6 months @ $4500 USD

(Canadians: add GST/HST)