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The Summer Strategy Session

Summer will be here before you know it … is your business ready for you to hit the beach?

Join us on June 18th for a half-day of planning and strategizing, so that you can spend your Summer hanging out with the fam, knowing that your business is running like a well-oiled machine.

In this hands-on, strategic half-day for multi-6 and 7-figure business owners, we’ll build your blueprint for leveling up your profit, team, and results over the next 90 days…

… while also supporting local Indigenous organization, as a way to #PayTheRent for working and living on stolen land.

How It Works

Over the past 10 years, we have deployed an extremely simple Quarterly Planning process with businesses from a variety of client-based businesses ranging from coaches to bookkeepers, marketers to lawyers, authors to SaaS, and beyond.

The results have been remarkable:

  • 2-3X revenue increases.
  • 4-6X profit increases.
  • Half as many hours worked.
  • 4-week work-free vacations…


Typically, the only way you can get access to this method is by joining our high-touch coaching programs.

However, we also KNOW how powerful this planning method can be, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to release this system into the world more broadly AND to raise funds for a great cause.

Here are the details:

On Tuesday, June 18, 2024 at 9am-noon PT, we’ll meet on Zoom for a half-day workshop during which we will:

  • See what we can learn from the past 90 days so that you’re clear on what actually happened, what worked, and what didn’t
  • Evaluate what resources you currently have available — in terms of time, money and energy — so you don’t unintentionally overload yourself or your team
  • Identify what project to complete over the next quarter, giving your team a clear blueprint for where to focus their time and attention

By the end, you’ll have everything you need to ensure you (and your team) are taking aligned action every single day.

So if you’ve ever gotten to the end of a day, week, or month and felt like you didn’t really make headway toward your goals — or even that you forgot what they were! — you really should join us.

While the material in the workshop can be applied to any type of small business, you’ll get the MOST from it if you:

  • Run a service-based business, whether that’s coaching, consulting, services, etc.
  • Already have an offer that you sell to at least 2-4+ clients per month
  • Have people on your team who support you in client delivery, marketing and/or sales
  • Are 100% committed to dismantling systems of injustice, including through your business. That means you believe that Black Lives Matter, love is love, women’s rights are human rights, ability takes many forms, and that equity (not just diversity and inclusion) are mandatory.

One last time, here are the quick facts:

  • Tuesday June 18, 2024, 9am – noon PT
  • Half-day workshop on Zoom
  • Recordings will be available if you can’t attend live
  • $497 USD (Canadians add GST/HST)
  • 50% of proceeds go to First People’s Cultural Foundation

You will walk away from this half-day with an actionable plan that strategically focuses your team, tasks, and priorities so that your business will grow sustainably, profitably and equitably, over the next 90 days.

Register Now for $497

  • June 18, 2024, 9am – noon PT
  • Half-day workshop on Zoom
  • Recordings will be available if you can’t attend live
  • $497 USD (Canadians add GST/HST)

50% of proceeds to First People’s Cultural Foundation