Summer Strategy Session (#PayTheRent)

Summer Strategy Session (#PayTheRent)


This is a #PayTheRent event where you can choose how much you want to contribute. 100% of proceeds go to a local Indigenous organization in acknowledgment of the fact that we live and work on stolen land.

Summer will be here before you know it … is your business ready for you to hit the beach?

Before you take off to spend time with the fam, you’ll want a plan for your team to follow so they can keep generating leads, making sales, serving clients, and improving your bizops…

… without you having to be there to make sure it all happens.

In our world, that means having a clear 90-Day Strategic Blueprint to follow.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. We start by reviewing your past 90 days, celebrating wins and learning what worked (and what didn’t)

  2. Then we diagnose the time, money and energy resources you have available — so you don’t unintentionally overload yourself or your team

  3. Next, we identify the potential experiments that will create the most growth over the next quarter

  4. And finally we show you how to turn it into a clear Blueprint of what to focus on in the next quarter (and what you can safely ignore)

By the end, you’ll have everything you need to ensure you (and your team) are taking aligned action every single day.

📆 It’s happening Tuesday June 18th @ 9am – noon PT

💰 It’s Pay What You Want with 100% of proceeds going to the First People’s Cultural Foundation.

Most people choose to contribute between $49 and $497.

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